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We are always looking for new talent!  Musicorum is a great opportunity for a refined singer.  We have also performed concerts with various local artists, instrumentalists, and poets.  We are always looking for new ways to reach and share with new people.  Musicorum currently consists of members who are teachers, veterinarians, piano tuners, farmers and area professionals.  

We want to hear from you!​

Musicorum is looking for singers for future semesters!  Do you play an instrument and would like to accompany the choir?  Please contact us or send this info along to anyone you know that is interested. 

​If you are interested in singing with Musicorum, we would like to hear from you!  We are interested in singers for all parts, with a goal of five or six singers per part (soprano, alto, tenor and bass), up to an overall maximum of ~30 singers. Experience singing with an ensemble and sight-reading proficiency are desirable.  Tenors are especially welcome now!

If you would like to audition, please email us at

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